It’s fast, easy and convenient.

Leasing is the fastest way of financing equipment in Canada’s business environment today. Leasing helps businesses to overcome financial challenges, including limited cash flow, growing too quickly, and the need to add and update equipment on a continuous basis. Connect Lease can help businesses free up cash, grow quicker, add equipment and update equipment as needed.
  1.  Locate your equipment.
  2. Submit your application for a lease quote and credit approval.
  3. Review your custom lease quote and finalize terms
  4. We contact the equipment supplier and pay for your equipment.
  5.  You obtain your equipment and put it to work.

Lease Terms

Leasing Rates

Connect Lease works hard to find you the most competitive lease rates out there. Typically, lease rates depend on your credit profile, how long you’ve been in business, the size and terms of the lease, and the type of equipment you need.

Personal Guarantees

Personal guarantees are not required when your business meets minimum credit requirements. Your leasing agent will discuss this with you in more detail when you apply.

Down Payments

With most leases, a down payment is not required, as long as your business meets the minimum credit requirements and length of time in operation. Your outlay will usually be a first and last month’s lease payment.


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