3 Reasons to Use a Broker

Commercial Equipment Leasing in Canada

heavy equipment leasing canadaBrokers Work For you!

We work for YOU, not the financial institutions, so you can rest assured that your best interests are our best interests. We love hearing about your business goals and can’t wait to help you grow your business by finding you a lease on the equipment you need.

We have great connections!

Think of a broker like a middle man: You are attempting to acquire a piece of commercial equipment you have picked out, we will find you the financing you need through one of our many funding sources. We have spent years developing relationships with our funding sources, we understand what they need from our clients in order to provide the funding, and we understand the goals and needs of our clients. Relationship management on both ends is covered and the leasing process becomes streamlined with a lease broker.

Peace of mind

When you have a good broker working for you, you have one point of contact for all of your questions and needs.

We’ve all experienced purchasing an item from a really great sales representative who made us feel valued, only to be disappointed 3 months later when something is wrong with the item. All of the sudden you are speaking with a call center in a completely different country, with a representative with very little knowledge of the product/situation and a tone that made you feel like an burden, not the valuable customer you were during the sales process. The opposite is true for most brokerages.

At Connect Lease, we are committed to finding you the lowest possible interest rate and providing you with better customer service. We are a small business so you can count on personalized and consistent service with our Leasing Brokerage team.

Looking to lease new or pre-owned commercial or heavy duty equipment? Why not give Connect Lease a call? We’re happy to help!  1-877-860-4140

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  • What Our Clients Say

    "What I like is that I can always get a person on the phone, and they can always help me with what I need."

    - Julie, Manufacturing Equipment
    Calgary, AB

    "We are a rapidly growing company in a very volatile business. They have been there for us."

    - Joel, Logging
    Vernon, BC

    "Connect Leases team are great people to work with. They are always available for questions and quotes. They are very customer friendly and have fair rates and terms."

    - Jim, Generator and Welding Equipment

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