Resolving to improve your credit in 2016?

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We’re all working hard at our new years resolutions this time of year and most of us share a few areas for improvement in common: health and finances.

If you resolved to improve your budgetingskills and credit score, then here are some tips to help you improve your finances and bump up your credit score in 2016.

Get a Credit card

Credit cards are one way you can improve your credit relatively easily. Making payments consistently and on time (at least the interest portion) can take you from poor credit to decent credit in a period of a year. If you don’t have credit, or have poor credit, obtaining a credit card can be a bit of a challenge. Most credit card companies want you to have good credit BEFORE they give you any credit, which is why our next option might work better.

Lease Something

Leasing is another way to improve your credit.  Making payments online will help to improve your score. Obtaining a lease is a relatively easy process, regardless of your current credit situation. You are essentially renting the item, with an option to buy it at the end of your term. Many people are surprised to find they can lease almost anything these days, for personal use or for their business. If you’re wondering whether leasing or financing is the right choice for you, there’s a simple formula:

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It’s Depreciating – Lease it!

Vehicles, most heavy duty equipment, tractors, bobcats, boats, computers and machinery depreciate in value. These items are not worth as much at the end of the term as when you initially acquired them. If you choose to finance these items, will be paying the same amount for the item, even when it depreciates. We’ve all seen how much equipment can change from one year to the next.

Leasing vehicles and equipment, makes a lot more sense. Here are a few perks of leasing for you to consider (Click the + to expand):

Interest is tax deductible
Lower monthly payments than financing in most cases
Keep technology current with ease
Hold on to more cash

How do I get a lease?

Whether you are looking to lease something for personal use – such as a car, truck, boat, or RV – or for your business – such as an excavator, bobcat, trailer, semi truck, etc – the lease brokers at Connect Lease can help.

Step 1: You find the equipment/vehicle you are looking to acquire.
Step 2: Fill out our brief application.
Step 3: We get you a lease.

We will find you the lowest possible interest rate and work with you to put together a monthly payment plan that works for you. Give Connect Lease a call today!

Toll Free: 1-877-860-4140

It’s Appreciating – Finance it or purchase it!

Houses, property, buildings, stocks/bonds, trademarks – these are examples of appreciating assets (most of the time). If it appreciates in value, it is best to own the item. When you take out a mortgage on your home, you are financing it, which is the smart decision to make. Very seldom do homes depreciate in value.

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