Small Businesses Can Thrive In This Economy

With the dramatic down turn in Alberta’s oil and gas industry, Western Canada is beginning to see a burst of economic growth for smaller, trades-based businesses. Many of the larger oil companies are closing their doors, laying off employees and selling off their equipment…for very low prices. This means that acquiring used heavy equipment and construction equipment has become even easier for smaller scale companies.

Leasing equipment has many benefits

Pre-owned commercial equipment leases are on the rise as these smaller companies look to expand their business and get ahead of the competition. Many people are surprised to learn that leasing equipment actually has a number of advantages over financing and cash purchases:

  • Interest is tax deductibleHeavy Equipment Contractors
  • Payments are tax deductible (in some cases)
  • Normal bank credit remains in place
  • No large cash outlay is required
  • Simplifies accounting procedures
  • Trading up to new equipment and technology is easy
  • End of term buyouts tend to be quite reasonable

How do I get a lease on equipment?

1. Locate the equipment you are looking to acquire: 

You can find the equipment almost anywhere, from the classifieds to dealerships to auction houses.

2. Get in touch with your broker:
Connect Lease is ready to help with your next lease, why not give us a call? Toll free: 1-877-860-4140

3. Apply for a lease:
Our credit application is quick and easy to fill out. We are looking for some info on your credit history, as well as some minimal information on the equipment you are looking to acquire.

4. Get approved:
Connect Lease has the fastest approval rates in Canada and the highest acceptance rates in Canada. Often times, you can expect an approval in 24-48 hrs.

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