Here are some examples of how commercial leasing has helped various businesses:

1) A new Canadian start up restaurant in Toronto, Ontario, pondered the idea of kitchen equipment leasing. Normally, they would purchase the equipment outright. After looking into other small business financing options available in Canada the owner decided leasing equipment made the most sense because of the number of end-of-term options available. This allowed the owner to focus on what was most important: the food and service!

2) A medical equipment company in Calgary, Alberta, was faced with a dilemma. Should they purchase, rent or lease copier equipment? Traditional copier programs are expensive. Renting copier equipment meant the company would never own the machines. Copier leasing appeared to be the right approach as it allowed the medical equipment company to make payments on the new equipment over years gaining tax benefits in the process. During their investigating they learned there was much more equipment they could lease rather than purchase. Equipment Leasing.

3) A technology company in Kelowna, British Columbia, grew at a fast pace. Cash flow in the business was always tight. They needed every available dollar to cover payroll, day-to-day expenses and grow the business. Software leasing was the answer. They did not realize they could finance websites, software, office equipment and custom software. Our team worked with them to understand the process. The advantage to the software vendor was they were able to make a sale they would normally not make and they gained a valuable customer in the process. Paying cash for software, hardware, and technical equipment upfront would be the same as paying the staff three years in advance. It just did not make sense to them. How Do I Lease?

4) A small independent trucking company in Cranbrook, British Columbia, had a dilemma. They had two trucks and trailers and had stretched their collateral and resources to the limit. They were tapped out at the bank and in need of more trucks. In order to complete a new contract they decided to lease. Commercial truck leasing allowed them to grow the business. The truck lease was secured by the collateral of the truck and the work contract. Commercial truck leasing allows you to use it before you buy it. Contact Us!

5) A tanning bed salon in Vancouver, British Columbia, was expanding, as a vacant spot next to their operation became available. Tanning bed leasing is the norm for that industry and there are many different options available. As the income in this type of business comes from repeat customers who pay a fee to use the service, it did not make sense to the owner to pay upfront for the equipment. Tanning beds will last a long time, as long as they are well serviced. The owner decided that for cash flow purposes, it made better sense to utilize tanning bed leasing, and pay for his equipment over time. Plus, he was taking advantage of the tax benefits he would receive by leasing the equipment rather than owning it. With the end-of-term options available to him, he could then choose to upgrade the equipment when it becomes obsolete. The Leasing Process.

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