Is Leasing Computer Equipment Right for Your Business?

Whether your business relies solely on computer equipment or just requires a computer for electronic documents, reports, finances etc., leasing computer equipment can be beneficial to any company no matter how much or little you need use of one.

Essentially, leasing them is like renting them or rent to own in some situations. You have the option at the end of a leasing contract to purchase your leasing computer equipment, or send them back. Many of the benefits to leasing office equipment have already been outlined on our office equipment leasing page.

So, how do you know if computer leasing is right for you?
The first step is to determine what you will be using the computers for and how many you will need. Some companies only rely on computers for inventory or accounting, while others, like web design companies, use of a computers to generate revenue. Computer equipment leasing is an attractive option for companies who have a storage room full of outdated peripherals and monitors.

What are some advantages to leasing computer equipment?

One of the most useful reasons to lease computer equipment is to stay ahead of technology. Do you remember 640 x 480 resolution monitors? Today the average computer monitor resolution is higher than 1024 x 768! With technology advancing at a rapid pace it’s hard for a growing company to keep up. The solution is simple: lease your computer equipment. Working with obsolete computer equipment is not sufficient to stay ahead in a competitive business environment.

Computer Equipment leasing has company tax advantages.

If keeping up with technology isn’t a good enough reason to lease computers, monitors and then perhaps you would enjoy the tax write off your company receives when you lease computer equipment. You can write off all equipment you lease as a tax deduction, and this isn’t just applicable to leasing computer equipment.

You can write off any equipment leased such as: commercial equipment leasing, business equipment leasing, office equipment leasing and more. If you need a new computer and scanner, Connect Lease is your leasing agent to help you get ALL the tools you need for your business.

You’re not just up-to-date with hardware, you will be up-to-date with your operating system too!

Remember Windows ’98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, and Windows XP? Or more recently Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It can be very costly continually updating your operating systems to keep up with technology.

What about drivers to go with all the operating systems? It’s not uncommon to have your drivers not work with your new operating system. With leasing computer equipment, you can be sure all of your hardware will work together and if it doesn’t, you didn’t sink your money into equipment that doesn’t work.

Ever want to own a Mac computer but could never afford it? Lease the computer you want to lease instead of settling for the least expensive option. When you lease a computer from a leasing agent you have the freedom to choose what you want and need.

What if after leasing the equipment I want to keep it?

As a part of every leasing agreement, at the end of the lease you are offered the option to buy your computer out completely. Even if that means buying it for your home and leasing newer technology for the office. Contact us for a no obligation consultation.

How long can I keep my leased computer equipment?

The length of lease is decided between your company and Connect Lease. We have a number of different terms and options that you can choose from. Contact us to find out how flexible leasing computer equipment can be.

Where can I find a leasing agent for leasing computer equipment?

Connect Lease has all the tools you need to start your new company, or continue growing your existing company. We can offer you new or used computer equipment and a choice of monitor sizes and length of the lease.

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