What is Industrial Equipment Leasing?

Industrial equipment gets used hard and tends to break down or wear out over time, usually at the worst possible time. Don’t dip into your credit line or overextend your resources to get the equipment you can lease finance. Connect Lease is here for your company and can come up with a solution that won’t leave you strapped for cash.

To read the benefits on leasing, read our commercial leasing equipment page, as all leasing (regardless of what it is) gives you the same benefit.

Who can have an industrial equipment lease?

Any business at any stage of development. Whether you are starting up your business and need equipment for your newly hired employees or if you have been in business for years. Contact our leasing company if you are interested in finding out your eligibility.

What are the benefits to leasing industrial equipment?

Connect Lease’s finance arrangements are customized to your company’s needs with user-friendly payment plans. Leasing industrial equipment also gives you the benefits of tax deductions, earlier write-offs, and easy upgrades – especially important if the technology used in your industry evolves quickly.

What equipment can I lease?

  • Material handling
  • Packaging and production tools
  • Punch/Press machinery
  • Grinders
  • Embroidery/quilting
  • Band saws
  • Textile machines
  • Sanders
  • Lab equipment
  • Welding units
  • Silkscreen equip
  • Injection molding

Where can I find an industrial equipment leasing agent?

Here at Connect Lease Corporation, we offer industrial equipment leasing solutions tailored to fit your companies budget and needs. We can also help you with your: business equipment leasing, office equipment leasing, healthcare equipment leasing, software leasing, agricultural equipment and lease equipment finance options. We pride ourselves on having one of the highest credit approval ratios in the industry. Call us at 1-877-317-5888 or use our contact form to find out how our leasing agents can help you find a solution for your company.

How easy is it to obtain an industrial equipment lease?

A lot easier than you think for leases less than $100,000. An application for a smaller lease is generally no more complex than a credit card application. Leases for more than $100,000 require detailed financial information from the business, and the leasing company conducts a more thorough credit analysis than it would for a smaller transaction.

Apply today. It’s fast, easy and convenient.

To apply for a lease, use our online application, or simply call us at 1-877-317-5888.

Alternatively, use the contact form below to have one of our leasing agents contact you to help you find an equipment leasing solution for your company.

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