What is Medical Equipment Leasing?

A medical equipment lease allows you to maintain a state-of-the-art health care facility. This minimizes transfers to other, better equipped, facilities for diagnosis and treatment. Lease the latest in MRI, X-Ray, lab equipment, examination tables, and more.

To buy the medical equipment you need for your company, you have to put the full amount down and in five years you are left with equipment that may be no longer as powerful or useful with technology, which is a depreciating asset. With medical equipment leasing you can lease new upgraded equipment at the end of your lease term. Instead of being stuck with old technology you can maintain a level quality your patients will respect. Medical equipment leasing in a true lease and you can typically claim the entire lease payment as a tax deduction.

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Who can lease medical equipment?

Any business at any stage of development. Whether you are starting up your business and need equipment for your newly hired employees or if you have been in business for years.

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Where can I find a medical equipment leasing agent?

Connect Lease Corporation, is a top leasing agent offering our customers quick access to the medical equipment they need now. We pride ourselves on having one of the highest credit approval ratios in the industry. Call us at 1-(877) 860-4140 or use our contact form to find out how our leasing agents can help you find an equipment solution that fits your company.

How easy is it to obtain a medical equipment lease?

A lot easier than you think for leases less than $100,000. An application for a smaller lease is generally no more complex than a credit card application. Leases for more than $100,000 require detailed financial information from the business, and the leasing company conducts a more thorough credit analysis than it would for a smaller transaction.

How much funding is typically available for medical leasing?

The range of funds can fluctuate but a typical lease will range from $10,000 to $100,000 – that being said, the range on funds is ultimately unlimited. 12-36 month lease terms. Additional collateral is not required.

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