Afford the Business Equipment You Need Now!

When you need equipment you have three options…

  • Obtain a lease for the equipment,
  • Rent the equipment, or
  • Borrow from the bank via a loan or line of credit to buy it

How does a lease really work?

You get the newest equipment you need today, when you need it to give you that competitive advantage in your markets. This allows your capital and bank line of credit to be used to grow your business. If the piece you need is a revenue generator it’s the easiest way to grow your business. Have your customers pay for your purchase via the profits you make.

Why not use my cash?

You should always use your capital and bank lines for your operating expenses and for unexpected cash needs. The equipment you want to buy serves as the collateral for your lease. Usually you secure it with a reasonable down payment. Terms are always flexible and will depend on the situation.

Lease term options can be tailored to meet your needs.

  • Leases on most equipment types with transaction sizes from $1,000 to $1,000,000
  • Minimal down payment requirements
  • Seasonal payment plans
  • Prepayment options
  • Lease terms are available from 18 to 66 months
  • Our credit scoring systems provide quick turn-around times.
  • Used equipment may be leased; with usually no age restrictions (must be identified as same on credit application).

To discover how simple leasing can be, check out our leasing process.

Quote terms

  1. All rates exclude applicable taxes. $150 documentation fee due at lease signing with first and last advance payments.
  2. Your proposed lease is subject to a credit review by a lender.
  3. All rates and lease quotations are subject to review.
  4. All rates expire 15 days from date of quotation.

End of lease options

Fair Market Value (FMV)
The FMV lease option offers you the lowest monthly payment available. The payments may be 100% tax deductible.* At the end of the lease term you may return the equipment or purchase it for its FMV. If you do not wish to purchase the equipment for the price you are quoted, you are under no obligation to purchase it. This is the best option if you plan to refresh your technology in 3 years or less.

10% end, $1.00 or $100.00 purchase option
The 10% end, $1.00 or $100.00 purchase option transfers the ownership of the equipment to you at the end of the lease term. This option protects your cash reserves, helps you manage your cash flow and simplifies budgeting with fixed monthly payments. This option is best for equipment that you intend to keep more than 5 years.

*Always consult your tax adviser

It’s fast, easy, and convenient.

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