What is transportation equipment leasing?

Different businesses have different needs and one of the most important is the transportation of raw material to the manufacturer and/or the finished goods to the various destinations. Various transportation vehicles, sometimes very special ones like vacuum tank trailers, are needed for the transportation of goods. Transportation equipment leasing allows your business to lease or rent out equipment that your company needs to get the job done.

Essentially, a transportation equipment lease is a rental agreement in which one party (the lessor) maintains ownership of an asset and another party (the lessee) uses it in its business activities.

What kind of transportation equipment can I lease?

A business can lease whatever transportation equipment their company needs in order to get the job done. Transportation equipment leasing can be any kind of equipment from five axle dump trucks to a utility trailer, from one vehicle to a fleet of vehicles – there is no limit to what transportation equipment can be leased.

For example: aircraft, railroad cars, steamships can all be leased. A company can lease from one vehicle up to a fleet of vehicles or even used vehicles.

Why lease transportation equipment?

Leasing transportation equipment allows a business to get transportation equipment immediately without spending large amounts of money to buy the equipment. Leasing transportation equipment frees up the company to have funds for other everyday running expenses such as wages for employees or other general overhead expenses.

Transportation industries continually strive to reduce the fixed costs supporting each vehicle. When the old or obsolete equipment needs to be upgraded, companies have to satisfy these demands by using the limited capital making leasing of transportation equipment necessary for the growth of the transportation business.

For more benefits, read our leasing benefits page.

Does my company have to pay for the cost of repairing the transportation equipment?

A leasing term corresponding with the manufacturers warranty period will make sure that the company does not have to pay for the repair costs of the equipment.

Where can I find a leasing agent for transportation equipment leasing?

Here at Connect Lease Corporation, we offer transportation equipment leasing, business equipment leasing, office equipment leasing, healthcare equipment leasing and much more. We pride ourselves on having one of the highest credit approval ratios in the industry. Call us at 1-877-317-5888 or use our contact form to find out how our leasing agents can help you find a solution for your company.

The transportation sector is at the very core of the Canadian economy. For over 30 years Connect Lease has helped single owner/operators through to North America’s largest transportation companies in acquiring trucks and trailers. Through years of experience Connect Lease has become quick to respond, producing a high acceptance rate for funding and has established consistent credit decisions. Whether it is new or used, single unit or fleet, Connect Lease can help you get on the road.

The transportation sector makes up 4.2% of Canada’s entire GDP. Connect Lease ensures that businesses have the resources they need to stay lean and profitable in this highly competitive and regulated industry. Improve your cash flow by financing or leasing your commercial trucks with Connect Lease. We provide commercial truck financing and leasing solutions to ensure that owner operators and businesses always have access to the vehicles they need for their company to succeed. Whether it’s a single unit or entire fleet, if it is capital equipment, then Connect Lease can put together a customized solution to keep you running at full capacity with the lowest possible operating costs. Connect Lease has got you covered.

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